Fall 2018 classes starting October 15th!

Our Vision

We are passionate about a future where our children have healthy relationships with themselves, with those around them and with the planet.  We believe that conscious connection to each other creates empathy, that awareness related to our bodies keeps us rooted in our humanity and that creativity is key for our well-being.   Practicing developmental and creative movement through dance teaches these life long skills in a fun and engaging  way.  



Our Classes

What is Creative Movement? We offer dance classes that promote expanding possibility and creative expression for kids of all ages and abilities. Our classes build physical literacy and emotional intelligence, tools that are valuable and relevant at all stages of your child's life.  The Inhabit Project provides a space for safe, healthy, and joyful expression through movement.  You can begin classes at any age.  Each age group provides a progression of skills as children grow & develop.

Our Inspirations

The Open Floor Practice.   Mind-Body Connection.  Somatic Psychology.  Attachment Theory.  Neuroscience.  Developmental Movement.   Arts Education.  Creative Dance.  Deep Ecology.


Prenatal & Newborn

Expecting parents and families with newborns need many layers of support in understanding their new needs and changing dynamics. Stress can be present on many levels - physical, emotional, and mental.  New and growing baby's nervous systems  are responding to all that is happening in the family system. We offer tools to connect joyfully and integrate in this tender and exciting time. 


Toddlers & Kids

As children grow, they are looking for new ways to explore and connect. They are getting to know themselves and the world around them. Too often, our kids are encouraged to limit their scope of interest and movement too early and to specialize in one activity. We offer an opportunity for children to expand their possibilities- this will help them inhabit their bodies safely and healthily in the moment as well as provide them with life-long skills that can be applied in any discipline.


Studies show the highest rates of anxiety and depression in teens than ever seen before. A sense of isolation and disconnection, from themselves and from their community, is felt by many. The overuse of technological devices is seen as one primary cause. We offer classes that support creative expression and embodied awareness that serve to increase self-awareness and self-respect, enabling teens to connect more fully with their peers, their families, and their environment.